Animated breakdown of the process. The real deal took a tiny bit longer... :)
Promotional poster for Sudtipos' font Storefront
It was a great honor to be invited by world class type designer Ale Paul, from Sudtipos, to do a poster promoting the release of his font Storefront. It was also a big challenge, as I realised that, at least for me, it's much more difficult to do letterings with somebody else's letterforms, than it is using my own. 
You can purchase the poster in many different formats here, and the font here.
The breakdown
The first step was trying to find which words looked better when set with the font. This takes long, since there are virtually endless possibilities of combinations between all the special characters of a Pro font like this, but is well worth the effort, when you finally find something suitable. 
The biggest complication I had at this point was not to tweak the vectors in anyway to fit better this specific combination of letters, because it was all about showing how the font actually looks. So what you see below uses the font as is, except it's rotated, of course.
Next up came the basic volumetry and masking of overlapping areas, which are absolutely critical for the feeling of depth in the final composition, so a little time to study just how thick the letters will be, where exactly the overlaps will happen and the rhythm that it'll all bring to the image is a good idea. The volumetry is set by offseting the "face" of the lettering a bit and closing up the gaps and dents that occur. 
Once you have words whose letters look good together and overlap just enough to give it a cool depth feeling, you're basically done. The rest is really just icing the cake to let the magic happen. Below we have the image already with shadings, reflections, surface treatment and cast shadow, both on the background and on the lettering itself, where overlappig occurs.
The final piece, now with background, Sudtipos' logo and overall lighting/shadow effects.
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