on may 19th, we started arıkovanı young entrepreneurs campaign in commemoration of atatürk, youth and sports day. high school students had the opportunity to showcase their innovative projects. 

as the mission of arikovani is to support the local technology and foster innovation in the country, we have given a platform for young turkish entrepreneurs to present their ideas and projects.
the result was beyond expectations. young entrepreneurs had a chance to design their bright ideas, conceptualize the project and reach the masses. they also had an amazing crowdfunding experience.

at the end of the campaign arıkovanı reached a younger audience. and thanks to the desire of the young’s to share and announce themselves, arıkovanı reached a broader audience accordingly.

brand: arıkovanı
agency: insprad
strategic planning: emre dalkıran
creative team: selin çolak, murat miroğlu, 
berk toparlak, emre dalkıran
brand manager: melih bilgin
photography and video: melih bilgin
arıkovanı young entrepreneurs campaign