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Less Sex (Official Video)
Official music video for the new single from Providence noise-metal band Daughters, off of their latest album, You Won't Get What You Want, on Ipecac Records and named Rolling Stone's #2 metal record of 2018. 

Less Sex is a surreal meditation on addiction. It does not speak for Daughters front-man Alexis Marshall's lyrics, but acts as a cradle for his story to find interpretation. Themes of isolation, struggle, vulnerability, and fury are translated into visuals intent to hypnotize and beguile.
Less Sex was edited with Premiere. Visual Effects were built in Cinema 4D and composited with After Effects. The wolf is sourced from a low-poly model. Fur was applied and manipulated with height maps, animation was rigged with deformers, and rendered with the Physical renderer. Snakes were rendered with Octane Render and animated with the spline deformer. 
Christine Adams uses her distinct brand of expression as a storytelling device. Internal and external conflict is explored. Throughout the video, figure and form grow increasingly abstract and primal, symbolizing control or lack there of.
Less Sex was shot on an Alexa Mini on location and sound stage in and around Los Angeles. Director of Photography and frequent collaborator Christopher Hamilton's meticulous composition captures the fury and vulnerability of the outsider.

Featuring Christine Adams 
Directed by Jeremy W. 
Produced by Gia Rigoli 
Cinematography - Christopher Hamilton 
1st AC - Tiffany Murray 
Makeup Artist - McKenzie McDermott 
VFX - Jeremy W. & Alejandro Robledo Mejia 
Production Coordinator - Stephen Tyler 
Production Assistant - Amy Augustine
Less Sex (Official Video)