‘A new form in sound’ was the inspiration behind Pioneers new speaker and sub design. The visual aspects of a sound wave and sound ripple create an interesting visual aesthetic and the idea was to capture this unseen beauty and translate it into the form of the speaker. The ripple aesthetic comes out from the central circular element of the subwoofer and fades out softly into the top and bottom of the design. These creases in the form also create interesting visual highlights across the surface of the product captured by surrounding ambient light.
The form of the speaker also takes similarities to the visual profile of ancient tribal drums to hint at the notion of heavy and deep drum sounds emerging from this product. Its profile changes from a slim to a much larger and heavier silhouette at the bottom to provide room for the large surface area of the subwoofer. This overall silhouette also suggests what type of music will come from each end, having the speaker at the top where the higher pitched sounds emerge and having the larger subwoofer at the bottom where the deeper and heavier bass will come from.