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    Polish Cuisine Take-Out Boxes
Here's a project I designed together with Dimitris Vikelis and Chara Poluzopoulou.
We had to design a set of 5 boxes for Polish Cuisine take out, one for Main, one for Appetizer, one for Salad, one for Dessert and one for Cutlery. Also, we had to take a given logo (here, the logo of Mega Channel, a greek channel) and change only one element on it to make it look Polish.

We added the little thing at the bottom of E, and we made it a Polish letter.
For the packaging we used recycled paper because Poland is a country filled with forests so we wanted to show the element of nature. Also, we chose a traditional polish motif for the top of the packages, that's divided between the boxes, but also continues at their sides. We chose red, as the trademark polish color.
Also, we designed a napkin with the same motif, folding in 4 pieces.