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    Affiliated Midwest Coffee Program ©Topco Associates and Affiliated Midwest All assets were created while employed at Topco Associates.
Scientists and experts have been going into the wild protecting animals and the ecosystems they depend upon for survival. Together, they have accomplished so much saying species and entire landscapes from destruction. But we as consumers can do more.

With impending environmental emergencies like growing endangered species lists, climate change and fresh water shortages, the stakes are drastically higher and our charge becomes more challenging.

To succeed, we must show the world that the future of humanity is intertwined with the health of our Earth. The words are deceivingly simple: We need nature. By putting Northwest endangered species wildlife on our packaging, we are creating a path to encourage awareness, to become "wide awake" to the issues of our earth, and to empower the consumer to care for nature for generations to come.

Creative Director/Manager of Creative Services: K8 Prange
Illustrator/Art Director: Brian Muecke
Art Director: Shelby Sturges

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