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Hello guys, here's some design update. A project during my freetime,
got a plan to illustrate some iconic movies car in my own style then visualise it in the old dusty garage
wish had those car, maybe just in my dream
for now, i can only fnish 3 cars, still got a few in list, hope you guys enjoy it.
Vroommm Vroommmm Vroommmmmm. 
the concept and mood is like a vintage, old garage and
a machine that never been start in a while.
after the engine is repaired, 
i managed to turn the vehicle on,
so now keep calm and ride on.
1• Dodge Charger Drag (Fast and the Furious, Dukes of Hazzard)
2• De Lorean, DMC (Back to the Future)
3• Ecto-1,1959 Cadillac (Ghostbusters)
Just an idea, maybe apply it as a sticker and keychain
Thank you for viewing my work.
*sorry for my bad writing. ;p