“Linist” Company is the event agency. Turnkey event services, global scale, all industries and business areas. This is the well-known company with its own history, recognized and experienced in its business. At the same time “Linist”, as a brand, lacks all its attributes, except the name and slogan, without clear market positioning
or worked-out features of an individual image. The company came to us to become a full-value brand.

On the architectural base
After analyzing the materials and aspects of “Linist” work we determined the brand essence as follows:
“Linist” is the architect of events. We revealed it i
n its brand positioning: the company does not just complete local organizational tasks, but creates a platform and an atmosphere of complex projects, working out and designing them in detail at all levels. It leads the process from the idea, event format and other conceptual bases to the actual implementation, using the most effective technologies and tools.

Leadership. Intelligence. Story
These words formed the abbreviation LINIST and became the basis of the brand story, three key characteristics of the company. The major market player with the thoughtful serious approach. The company that makes each event a unique, vibrant story the participants live in.

Creating the environment
We made a “short-spoken” logotype with references to the architectural themes. It contains symbols of accuracy and clarity of decisions, and the distinctive frame becomes one of the main style-forming elements. It transmits the internal and external environment of the events formed by “Linist”. All of the elements reflect the brand essence – the architect of events – which as a descriptor has become an organic part of the logotype.

To widen the frame of importance 
Color design allowed us to bring movement, energy and lightness into the strict static character of the style, formed by clear straight lines of the logo. The frame became dynamic, enlarging itself and highlighting the most important parts in materials and documents. In some cases, it generally changes its shape and starts to live its own life. The color palette of saturated contrast colors gives the necessary activity and brightness to the rather unpretentious brand identity.

Classic and relevancy
The result of our work process has led us to expressive individual image of “Linist” as a company with great experience, serious attitude and impressive competence. At the same time, it is flexible, energetic, evolving
and always offers relevant solutions.