Wireless charging will be the way of future. It omits the need of finding the right cable or searching for port to plug it in a dark. Beside providing fast wireless charging Pixel Stand recognizes Pixel phones and it triggers tailored UX depending on time of the day, location and need. As design contributor on this project I thought this charging base as a contemporary totem like a landmark or a sculpture in your home.. The two intersected shapes are unique yet neutral enough that it can be placed in many part of your house e.g. kitchen, bedside and office. Also it resonates with Google Softwear theme presented at Milan design fair in 2018 which is to offer technology to user softly without distraction.

Statut: Production 2018
ID concept: Vincent Claudepierre
Development: Yomi Matsuoka and Christopher Koch
Photo and rendering: Vincent Claudepierre and Google
Early concept using one coil. To support portrait and landscape mode the coil has to move up and down.
Selected concept for development
Google Pixel Stand