Life Drawing Crash Course – Adobe XD concept intro
Life Drawing Crash Course – a concept intro for web. 

My submission for Dribbble Official Playoff "Adobe XD Playoff: Design. Rebound. Win!"
The challenge was to use the Auto-Animate feature in Adobe XD to create and share something animated.
The animation was mentioned on Adobe Live by Howard Pinsky (he seemed to like it :) )
The whole Adobe XD file contains literally just 5 artboards!!!
Making of:
The first phase of the project was to choose some of my sketches:
Then I vectorised the sketches in Illustrator, choosing to use only 6 colours, so the overall animation would look consistent.
Next step – pasting the sketches into Adobe XD – since I wanted the same colour to morph into the same colour on another dartboard, I grouped paths by colour. 
Having thousands paths in each group would make it impossible to name them the same in every artboard. But hey, there are plugins in XD, and "Rename it" by Rodrigo Soares saved my life (at least many loooong hours).
Check the prototype below:
Finally my animation was chosen a winner!!! Still can't believe it! 
Mighty morphin' paths! This #AdobeXD animation by @AgnesSzmat is mind-blowing.
Howard Pinsky – Senior XD Evangelist @Adobe
Whoa!!!!! That's something!!
Fabin Rasheed – Design Imagineer at @Adobe Design Labs...
Def @AdobeXD animation of the year with that solid design and execution. #design #animation #visualdesign
Jason Hess – UX/UI Designer | Engineer | Problem Solver
Hi @Pinsky I often think if @Adobe knows the extent at which this Auto-animate works, this is exceedingly superb.
Oh, mylanta!
I... I have no words for this! 
Only way I can imagine doing this is drawing image 1, changing it closely to image 2 on a new artboard and than using image 2 on another artboard. This + lots of time + accuracy + creativity + some magic = this.
Stefan Bühler – Art Director Digital and Freelancer from Esslingen/Germany
That’s some epic animation! No After Effects involved? You’re righ @Pinsky - two words, Mind Blowing
Jason Hess – UX/UI Designer | Engineer | Problem Solver

Wait how????? I can't explain this one... This is obviously WITCHCRAFT!!!
Liz Schmidt – Sr Community Manager at Adobe for Creative Cloud
Wow. This is an impressive use of Adobe XD's auto-animate feature by @AgnesSzmat 
Like, dang. S'good.
Seth – I work on Photoshop at @Adobe. Product Designer

crazy effort and a very nice morphing idea @Agnes Szmat ... I participated but I will be rooting for you :D ... good job
osama m ghazal – Product Designer (UI UX) | Photoshop Featured Digital Artist
I would like to thank Everybody for the kind words, Howard Pinsky for being great, and the whole Adobe XD Team for your work and making designer's life amazing and super easy.
Thank you!
Life Drawing Crash Course – Adobe XD concept intro

Life Drawing Crash Course – Adobe XD concept intro

Adobe XD Playoff: Design. Rebound. Win! (Dribbble) Concept intro for Life Drawing Crash Course


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