Vego food concept
(school project)​​​​​​​
Packaging Design, Product & Range Strategy, Brand & category research, Concept development

This case study was done at Brobygrafiska College in collaboration with ICA, the leading grocery retailer in Sweden.
The brief was to re-design the EMV vego products for ICA, one of the largest grocery chains in Sweden. Focus on Flavour, quality, sustainability and health. The new design and packaging should feel modern, unique and inspiring to attract the new broader target group; the people that want to start eating more vegetarian food as well as the vegans and VEGO-veterans.  

After analysing the existing ICA EMV range and the competitors, we decided we wanted to develop a consitant concept that should stand out from the competitors and would work in both fridges and different types of freezer.  

It was important for us to have clear color coding on the different types of vegetarian food i.e Vegan, Lakto and OVO to simplify for the buyer. We also wanted to go away from the traditional food photo manners that includes a plate or a pot. The information on the boxes are crisp and with a larger font/icons for the many people of all ages.  

The packaging solution is sleeve based for a consistent look with either a tray or our new innovative portion packaging for the minced soybeans inside. 

Our main goal was to remove the use of plastic where possible and utilise bio based and renewable material for both dry and frozen food. We have mainly worked with wood fibers and cardboard.

We chose to work with a bold color palette that stands out against the competitors. Each of the three colors are representing a specific range of products within the vegan and vegeterian segment.  A calm olive/grey background gave the design a "grown up" look compared to the competitors.
To clearly communicate each product and keep a high readability we selected the sans-serifs Signika bold for the product titles. Its bold and organic character worked well with the shapes of the packaging and was ideal for the titles. For subtitles and bread text we selected a san-serif called Raleway, It worked well in small characters and was therefore used for all ”on pack” information and sub headers.
As we worked with both frozen and processed food, aimed for a wide target group, we felt a need to simplify the on-packaging communicatio. we wanted to make it easy for the consumers to tell the difference frozen and fresh products and their optimal temprature for maintaining its quality.

Creative Team
Christian Kaplan, Clara Bengtsson, Robin Sjöberg, Zaida Andersson

Sponsor & Partners
° Brobygrafiska - https://brobygrafiska.se/
° Rottneros Packaging AB - https://rottnerospackaging.com/
ICA Private label - Vego food concept

ICA Private label - Vego food concept

School project initiated by ICA Design bureau. Re-design their vegetarian line including graphic design, food photography