The sequence of shots with the Martian storm for the sci-fi film "Prishelets".

Release date: 2018

Production studio: Nenashev TM
Art Director: Anton Nenashev
VFX TD: Alexey Cheprakov
VFX Artists: Dmitry Oskin, Arseniy Gutov
Rendering Artists: Egor Borisko, Pavel Skalkin, Alexey Cheprakov
Compositing Artist: Alexey Cheprakov

My role on this project was to fully develop the special effect of the Martian storm for these shots - from the search for visual solutions to the development of a pipeline for the storm simulations, the storm rendering, the technical direction of other special effects, compositing.

Methods of visual effects used: fluid simulation, particle simulation, volumetric rendering
Software used: Houdini
Martian storm sequence