is an interactive Chrome experiment created for a contest announced by an important unconventional marketing association in Italy. The brief dealt with the creation of a creative content that could advertise the audience about the next course promoted by the organization. Partecipants were asked to be creative, funny and original. 
The creative concept is really simple. I am an art director, and I'm really making an effort trying to learn all the new ways to communicate, like in social media, guerrilla marketing, viral etc...Due to the expensive cost of this kind of courses, and the difficulties agencies got in these recession times in spending money to make their creatives professionally grow, I'm spending a lot of time searching for free webinar, youtube explanations and tutorials, 'cause I really believe that the only way I have to make it out and improving my skills by now is invest on me by myself.
But strains that one person can do by himself, no matter if he's doing his best, can't probably compare a well trained one without some serious instructions.
He NEEDS to be helped to EVOLVE.
So there we go. I transformed myself in a human Tamagotchi, and you can make me do a lot of stuffs, like the good'ol chick that you were asked to look after when we were children.  
Everytime you click on an action, a different video starts, filling the evolution bar a little bit more.
When the bar is completely filled an evolve animated button appears at the end of the bar and you will be asked to click it too, to see the end of the video. This is one my first attempts of art direction on a web project, and it was all created in less than a week. I hope you'll like it and that you all could give this website a like and a share.
Thank you.
UPDATE 18/03/2012 : I'm proud to announce that I actually won the contest. Thanks all! :D