The International Typographic Festival Typomania is an annual type, typography, calligraphy and video event. The aim of the festival is to collect and connect as many type fans as possible and turn them into a professional community.

For this year’s festival identity we have decided to continue experimenting with crowd-sourced design. We have build a website that generates design-briefs for the logo of Typomania 2018. Anyone could go to the website and get a randomly generated brief consisting of four parameters: form, proportions, font and keywords. Then we used all these logos that people sent us as a base of the visual identity. 9 best logos were made into light-box trophies for the winners of the video competition.

The main theme for this year’s festival was “East-West”, so our goal was to create a collaboration with designer from different parts of the world and try to communicate with them using the universal language of visual form.
Typomania 2018 teaser
Riso-printed posters
Around 505 logos were selected and put together into a poster. Offset printing, 100/70 cm
Diplomas for winners of the video competition
9 best logos were made into light-box trophies for the winners of the video competition
Design & Art Direction: esh gruppa
Client: Typomania
Programming: Andrey Bogdanov 
Ekaterina Urjutova
Risoprinted by: esh print
Music: P_T
Year: 2018
Awards: GDFS 2018
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