Aurora - Exhibition III ORANGE
For this exhibition the Aurora Artist have been asked to focus on orange. The colour orange is a combination of red and yellow. It is a bright and warm colour which represents fire, sun, fun, warmth and tropical surroundings. Orange is considered a fun, light colour with appetizing and delicious qualities.

We hope you enjoy what the Aurora Artists have created for this theme.

Jurassic Aftermath  |  Eric Shoemaker

Deploy  |  Lars Sowig
Border's Books    |  Henry Obi
Battle For New Cydonia  |  Christian Hecker
Deep Mettle  |  Carl Holden
Untitled   |   Hema Puran
Mould   |  Alastair Temple 
Blood Orange   |    Katie Borkin
Asian Mystery    |    Estelle Chomienne
Matriception  |  Julian Faylona
COM-CEPT XXVI  |  Christian Hecker
Discovery  |  Daniel Tatarinow
Into My Tears  |  Anwar Mostafa
 Mami Wata  | Kevin Philippe 
Trapped In My Own Universe   |  Ari Bennett
Meadowlarks    |  Kent Haley  
The Watcher  |  Daniel Tatarinow
Catching Owlflowers    |  Henry Obi
Dragoon Graveyard   |  Matteo Ascente
GEOMETRIKA 87 |  Julian Faylona
Igneus  |  Daniel Tatarinow
Going Home   |  Alastair Temple 
Oasis of the Gods   |  Eric Shoemaker
The Gold Market and Viteri    |  Henry Obi
Those Men From The Sun |  Julian Faylona
GSV Conduit |  Mark J Brady

Show some love to the artist in this exhibtion and visit their sites.
Alastair Temple      |     Christian Hecker      |      Lars Sowig     |      Eric Shoemaker      |       Carl Holden     |     Julian Faylona 
Mark Joseph Pale      |     Henry Obi    |   Matteo Ascente    |    Daniel Tatarinow   |    Anwar Mastafa   |    Ari Bennet
  Katie Borkin   |     Kent Haley    |    Estelle Chomienne |    Kevin Philippe  |    Hema Puran   |   Mark J Brady
Aurora - Exhibition III ORANGE