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    Design a space for performance G. K. Chesterton "The Man Who Was Thursday" at ZIL
The action starts on the first floor in the «Saffron Park» where the audience is going and walking, waiting for the performance. Then suddenly the lights go out the main lights in the light of a single lamp which the public sees the 2 actors, leading dailog. Once the dialogue stops, lamp goes out, all plunged in darkness as long as the other place will not light the light (the actors are already there), and the action continues in a different place and in a different environment. So, gradually, scene by scene, theatrical performance with the actors and the audience makes a complete circle, and finally returned to the place where it started - the space between the two main stairs in front of a winter garden.
The audience, as an actor, is in constant motion. In this  theatre there are no seats - each person can chose his location himself - he may follow the actors and the action or stay in place and just listen.