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    An illustration of Justin Bieber keeping the truth under his hat.
For my humorous illustration class, we had to create some illustration that made a political or cultural statement. I originally came up with lots of concepts, mostly related to the 2013 Oscars (Jennifer Lawrence tripping, the Life of Pi visual FX team being rushed off the stage to Jaws music...). But after lots of sketches, none of those concepts were really working for me. I found that I was trying to salvage ideas that I didn't feel strongly about, and I wasn't having any fun. So I found an article about Justin Bieber. And it became the solution to all my problems!
Basically, he is back in the news because he is denying drug usage and is outraged over being compared to Lindsay Lohan. He claims that he is a great person with a big heart. I can't say I'm a fan of Bieber's personality myself. And I'm not so sure I believe that he doesn't dabble in drugs... So I decided to illustrate him looking very innocent while keeping the truth under his hat (literally). 
This is probably the first caricature I am truly proud of! It is hard to know which features to exaggerate; it's a push and pull. The truth is, the Biebs is super fun to draw. Especially because his hats and clothing these days are outragrous! 
Hope you all enjoy it! Thanks for taking a look. And don't forget to give it a thumbs up if you love it (or me).