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    Eco, simple and cheap cardboard toys made from one sheet folded with no glue for kids to color and chance to get creative
The Bagger bike is one of the “Color toys” series I designed for Caesarpac a carton and paper products manufacture located in Kuwait, and the idea was to design a series of cheap and simple cardboard toys that would be easy for anyone to fold and assemble from one single sheet of cardboard and then can be colored using the colors included in the package or any type of color choice the kids like.
It gives the kids a chance to go custom on their own toys and then play with it, it’s like a color book and a toy in one piece so mom’s n dads can be happy all over the world.
For me it was the first time to get into the toys design world and I don’t even have kids... I did my research and found similar products out there but I always thought why not design a toy for kids that looks seriously...  cool!!  I mean like real choppers cool or the real racing cars cool ,not because it was made out of cardboard and it’s for coloring that should be goofy and cartoonish, well I did that in one of the toys just to please my 3 year old niece who wanted a house for her dolls
But for the others like motorbikes, racing car and the spaceship I wanted it to be something that even grownups would buy it too...
It is that cheap that even if you missed up coloring them... or you didn’t like the result or for whatever reason it got damaged ,you can buy another one its not like the fancy expensive plastic toys or electronic RC models
Inspired by my brother CVO Harley Davidson bagger, I designed this one with the side saddle bags and some custom pinstripe job... and its all one sheet, only folded... no glue used