Medcorder mobile app


Medcorder is a free mobile app to record conversations with your doctor, transcribe and share them with friends and family, so you can make better informed decisions together. Everything starts with entering your phone number. Medcorder sends you a verification code. Enter it and you‘re ready to start.
The process

We started with creating personas and use-cases. From that point, we defined the key functionality and made low-fi prototypes. We decided that chat would be the first screen that the user sees. Just open the app, record a conversation and invite your friends and family. It‘s important that the user could be under the stress, so the application should be as simple as possible.
Visual concept

We took our low-fi prototypes and embodied them into the visual concept.
At this stage, we chose the graphic style, typography and colors.
Application map

Then we made the whole application map and worked over the key user flows such as the first entrance, recording voice, adding files, etc. That allowed us to determine the scope of work and start finishing the design.
Medcorder features

One of the key features of the app is the ability to transcribe audio records of medical conversations. Thus the user has the ability to get back to the text in a peaceful atmosphere or instantly share it with family.Just push the button, make a record and drop it to the chat. Medcorder will do the rest.
Group chats

The next great feature is the rooms for sharing information with close family and friends to review and keep them informed about a medical issue.
Landing page

After developing the app design, we created a landing page to clearly convey the main idea and key features behind the Medcorder.

Art Direction: Sergei Anenko
Illustrations: Anna Derevyanko
Behance Case & Animation: Maxim Kuznetsov
Development: Dzmitry Kryvalapau
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Case's details about a healthcare app for care teams on Evrone's website

Used technologies:  Mobile design & UI design & Mobile app development & Flutter
Medcorder mobile app