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    These illustrations show a chronological progression in my skill development of the ADOBE Creative Suites Five and Six, ADOBE Illustrator program
I wanted to try and go back to my origins, and did this Chinese Junk for a cover to my first book of poetry.  Because most of the poems are haiku, I decided to use illustrations that used Sumi-e style. It was fun to watch this become a painting! Completed in 2012.
This abstract is an example of my ability to use photo manipulation and photography together. The original photograph was of a hot tub bubbling, and by using the filters in ADOBE Photoshop, And maximizing the use of layers, I have boldly gone on a wild trip across the Cosmos,
This is a section of a piece I did based on the battlefield at Antietam.  It originally was done in ADOBE Photoshop. I took several days to complete this using preset brushes and "eye-balling" the infantry fire from the mid background. Trying to duplicate the flame coming out of the muskets was almost as great a challenge as the wheat in the foreground. I conquered the difficulties by working as if I was painting. This piece was the most painterly illustration I've done to date.
This was done 4 months after "Puff". It took me only 3 hours to complete the portrait of my swordsmanship instructor, Guy Power. He was amazing to watch and I have the certificate of rank that was signed by Nakamura Sensei, the headmaster of the Tomaya-Ryu in Japan. The background was added at a later date.  I did this as an exercise in using the pen tool.
In my first course in my 1st term of Graphic Design at Westwood College in Fort Worth, I had to do an illustration based on a photo. This is "Puff". After a week of work, I finished this only to realize the scene was in the winter, not springtime. What follows is a chronological progression in my work using ADOBE Illustrator.