The Beauty of Art in 3D - Adobe Dimension Tutorial
Rijksmuseum: The Beauty of Art in 3D 
Adobe Dimension Tutorial - 2nd part

I'be been always so grateful for those people who share their knowledge with others and create tutorials for others to learn from. Whenever I have to learn a new function or something new in the graphic industry I look it up on Youtube or Skillshare. So it's my turn to give back something to the community and share the making of one of my last big Adobe Dimension projects. It might be interesting to someone. 

You can find the videos about this image creation on SKILLSHARE

I had the opportunity to create an interior for the Adobe blog using the amazingly detailed brand new 3D models from the Rijksmuseum collection and I'm pretty sure this is not the last time I used these assets. Now you can download 28 free models from Adobe Stock and create your own! I really recommend them! You can download them here.

My first post about this artwork is here.

This tutorial is an intermediate level Adobe Dimension tutorial, it requires some Photoshop knowledge as well.
Follow the steps and see how I created this image for an article on the Adobe Blog. 

You can read the article here.

If you find this tutorial useful please leave a comment below. I'm thinking on making more of these in the future.:)

(The gifs might load a bit slower.)

Imported, scaled, rotated the curtains into the scene. Duplicate it and place the second one behind the cabinet.
Opened the curtain texture in photoshop, made a normal map out of the image and place it onto the left curtains.
Scaled the pattern to the right size than placed the pattern onto the other curtains with the Sampler tool. 
Imported the pillow into the scene, scaled and rotated it to it fits into the chair. Use the sample tool to place the same material on the pillow that we have on the curtain. I also stretched the texture so it fits the pillow.
Imported, scaled and placed the book on the chair. Checked it from close that the objects are not overlapping.
Imported, placed and scaled the painting. To find the best placement for this object, I used the carpet and the window for reference. 
Final touches on the lighting. The environment light was set to be stronger, sunlight direction is turned a little bit so the sun is reflecting the best on the vases and bed. The floor reflection is set to 50%, and the roughness to 5%
Placed a glowing sphere into the scene to light up the front side of the scene a bit. Dropped a sphere into the scene, scale it, and chose the glowing material from the material panel and set the glow to 600% Placed it outside of the visible area.
The preview window is a big help in setting up the lighting. To find the best scale for the glowing sphere I used the big preview. 
Render the scene. The output format depends on your preference, I usually render PSD in high resolution

Post processing in Photoshop: 
I didn't record it because it was way too long but here is what I can share about it. Duplicated the render layer to achieve stronger shadows and reflection on the floor. Added saturation, curves, + layers of light leaks with dust ( screen mode ). Added shadows behind the bed, curtains and behind the painting as well. Added some noise on the curtains and on the painting and it’s frame. I made the top of the curtain darker to blend in. 

Thanks for watching!

The Beauty of Art in 3D - Adobe Dimension Tutorial

The Beauty of Art in 3D - Adobe Dimension Tutorial



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