Meandre is a major architectural bureau that generates ideas and helps transform
them into reality. Service - needed for those who are going to build their office
or preparing to relocate. It shows what makes up the cost of construction, what the designer
is engaged in how to avoid misunderstandings with the developer and much more.

It was necessary to redesign not only visual but also to update the mechanics of interaction between
the user and the administrator. Add more customization and ease of use so that the platform is ready
for smooth transformations for development.
Old site

Since 2013, the visual language of the service and the mechanics of the work of entities are outdated,
they have become more distracting or repelled from the information and content part. The function
of changing calculator calculating systems or the possibility of adding new units of miscalculation
was not provided, as a result of which, it was not possible to update the data. Not obvious navigation
logic interfered with the movement of the site.
New site​​​​​​​

At the heart of the concept was simplification and customization. Eliminate visual trash
making it difficult to perceive information holistically. Eliminate tangled navigation
and logical chains, forcing the user to wander around the site in search of the desired
information. We add to administrators the ability to create new pages and system of
rendering from admin. panels. Add company ratings and the ability to add his,
everyone. Add a system for moderating applications from users and bots.
Eliminate unnecessary, add useful​​​​​​​

For easy customization, we developed a set of entities that are universal for all screen versions.
This approach helps to simplify the creation of new pages for calculating data from the admin. panels,
and more accurate settings already available to quickly update the data and take into account
all the nuances.

So that when updating the data and setting up the service, the layout did not break, a voluminous
technological manual was written indicating the maximum and minimum values for the entered
data, as well as the principles of operation of entities separately, in blocks and within pages as
a whole. In any incomprehensible situation, you can refer to the manual and find the right answer.

When adding a rating system and the possibility of adding companies and complaints about developers,
we also decided to add a system for moderating applications from users to avoid cheating and spam.
Any application sent by the user is moderated by admin. panel where sorted on the subject of a complaint
or a company’s line of business, awaiting approval from administrators. After moderation, to the mailing
address specified by the user, a notification is received on the status of the application. Applications with profanity in the text or in user data are automatically deleted.
When a dishonest developer comes across, after a project, and sometimes even while working on it,
There are many problems. The most malicious violations worthy of publicity. This section is exactly
for this. Anyone can add their own complaint and get a qualified answer. from team
How to choose a specialist? And what should he say, and what documents are needed? How to tell about your project? All this requires a wording page. Here, the items are laid out the items that need to be collected before contacting a specialist.
The Handbook is an internal rating system for companies of contractors, suppliers, forums, events and specialized publications, regulated by administrators and users. If a company behaves not honestly, then it will affect its rating thanks to users, or it may be lost in all of it. The directory provides the possibility of securing partners, sorting by price segment and rating.
Creating an office or moving to a new one is a difficult task where it’s important not to miss a single
detail, in the “Check Yourself” section, you can check the main points so that you don’t forget anything,
and all important sections can be downloaded to Convenient PDF document to display at the meeting.
Thank you for watching
Art Director / Designer
Alexey Burhudar

3D model
Ivan Melnichuk

Color correction / post-processing
Islam Akhmedov

Radik Khamatdinov

Sergey Kardashov

Project management
Konstantin Gritsenko

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The site is filled with a client — WRK.SPACE
Meandre – Redesign

Meandre – Redesign

Meandre is a major architectural bureau that generates ideas and helps transform them into reality. Their service - needed for those wh Read More


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