For this brief I was given data from a newspaper source that informed about the Global Warming, with the effects from Greenhouse Gas Emissions. For this I created an infographic that broke down the emission data and then I applied a bar chart to show the effects the Greenhouse gases were having, in relation to Global Warming.
Each section to the left showed the scale.
This was a personal infographic where it allowed me to show my diet intake for the months February through to March 2012. It's a simple bar chart, which I created my own symbol to represent the scale and the colours depict whether I am under the daily amount, average or over.
The line across shows the amount a girl should have on a daily basis.
This was another personal infographic, inspired by Ben Willers. It shows my sleeping pattern via pie chart formation. The darker the circle, the most hours I slept. The final to the right shows the whole combination of my results.