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Build : Online Help Center for Orange Enterprise 2018

Help center for Orange Enterprise
Business goal : encourage user independance
Product goal : bring continuity inside a siloed ecosystem
Team goal : spread a user-centered design approach inside the company
Discovery phase
Are we solving the right problem?
- User study
- Understand business goals
- Discover technical ecosystem
Anna Boheim, designer at Pivotal Labs, conducting the service blueprint workshop and me assisting her.
Framing phase
Are we designing the right solution?
- Explore visual solutions
- Formulate hypothesis and experiments
- Run AB test
- Run usability testings
Running experiments early in the process allowed us to focus on the right thing to build. 

Most users could not define their technical problems with their own words. Our strategy could not relay on the seducting idea of a chatbot doing everything and we had to provide more guidance and reassurance.

After a quick story mapping, we defined an entry point and a simple and actionnable front-end layout that allowed us to go in production early and provide value to our users. But most and foremost, we needed to generate our own data to keep learning from our users needs.
We identified the search bar as a great way to gather valuable data and insights on our users needs. We decided to have a tracking strategy and created a data studio providing us all the data about what mattered most for our clients. Read more about our strategy on this deck.
This internal track was about creating the right tool for multiple content creator. We had to understand their needs and meet them. We also defined a complete workflow that we had to break down for easier implementation.

Ideation process
We crafted a tool to generate homogeneous content by blocks or components. 
We also developed a sort of url-manager that allowed us to provide a simple and standardized call-to-action to every user redirecting them to right place according to their respective roles and autorizations.
We kept focusing on tracking and data to improve our product, using complementary tools like ContentSquare.

We're currently working on search features. An emergency section has been added on top of the page for users. The product is accessible via and other topics are still in exploration phase.
Personal experience
This project was on a personal level an extraordinary opportunity to meet great people, learn new skills and develop the usage of data for taking design decisions and measure success.
Build : Online Help Center for Orange Enterprise 2018

Build : Online Help Center for Orange Enterprise 2018

Orange Business Online Support Design a consistent support experience for business clients and define an internal workflow and tool to create an Read More