Bekk was given the task to conceptualize the theme for The European Design Festival and it´s award show, ED Awards, in June 2018. The concept for the Festival was “Making new connections” and the client wanted an experience that would engage the visitors. Bekk wanted to include technology and also elements of other areas that was showcased during the festival such as; digital, Illustration and motion.

We were inspired by the location of the award show, Skur 13 in Oslo. Skur 13 used to be a paper factory, but also the outside is foliated with the late Norwegian artist Pushwagners colorful art work. Sadly Pushwagner died in spring 2019 which made it even more clear that we had to pay tribute through design and technology to such an inspirational modern artist of our time. Mixing technology with something physical was crucial.


Gulltaggen - Tech and design Gold
Art Directors Club - Misc digital bronze
Art Directors Club - Spatial design nomination
Art Directors Club - Tech and digital nomination
ED Awards - Spatial nomination
Gullblyanten - Event silver
Gullblyanten - Craft design bronze
The Pushwagnesizer was also a part of the Oslo Innovation Week
The project was a great success and people gathered around the installation to take part in Pushwagners colorful and surreal world. A total of 698 drawings were made. That is one drawing every 30th second!
European Design Awards installation