The Winslow

Devron Developments

Residential Real Estate

Toronto, Ontario

Rafael & Bigauskas

David Winterton

Landscape Architect
Janet Rosenberg & Studio

Interior Design

Architectural Renderings
Norm Li

The Winslow is a premium, boutique residential project by Devron Developments. Located in Toronto's coveted Lawrence Park neighbourhood, The Winslow residences comprises of 68 meticulously designed suites.

From the earliest stages of the project, the ideas of community and connectivity played a major role in the brand strategy. Lawrence Park is a well-established and affluent community that values the qualities of time and a life well lived — all of which are conveyed through the brand identity.

Combining print, packaging, signage, social media, and digital advertising, Vanderbrand developed a carefully considered marketing plan designed to inspire and engage a small but targeted group of consumers, ready to downsize into their first pre-construction home. Using luxury retail spaces and comparative high-end brand experiences as inspiration, the creative direction of the brand naturally reflected the sophistication of the project itself.
The primary logotype for The Winslow uses a classic and polished decorative font with high-contrasting forms. The secondary icon was developed using art deco inspired line work to form a recognizable and iconic 'W'. Using both logos over various collateral allowed Vanderbrand to evoke a sense of quality over a range of touchpoints. Pairing this identity with a rich forest green and understated brass for the palette imbued the brand with a vivid, rich, and classic feeling of luxury. ​​​​​​​
Partnering with an internationally acclaimed printer, the brochure features an uncoated forest green paper stock with a subtle gravure embossing, and an elegantly foiled logo on the cover in a brushed gold.​​​​​​​
Designed to enclose all marketing material, the clamshell box uses the same fine materials as the brochure, carrying the brand standards throughout the entire Winslow print package.
The marketing package begins with a branded folder containing the printed collateral, including fold-out floorplan posters that truly mimic the spacious nature of the suites. 
The interior was printed on an off-white uncoated stock, bringing an additional layer of warmth to the printed visuals. Pairing an elegant editorial layout with oversized renderings and photography, the brochure includes fine details such as an ivory ribbon bookmark, an 8-page fold-out spread featuring a full bleed panoramic rendering of The Winslow's grand archway, and a patented binding technology that allows every spread to lay perfectly flat when opened. These considered essentials all play an important role in achieving the level of quality reflective of the final product. 
The large-scale features and finishes poster utilizes the same format as the oversized fold-out floorplans, maintining a consistent experience of grandeur across the printed brand experience.
The website was designed as an extension of the brochure package. Incorporating a similar editorial approach, the layout was designed to be both supportive of the brand messaging, 'Naturally, Lawrence Park' and ensure that the interactivity and user experience was fluid and friendly for the targeted demographic. Using a clean design for the foundation, and implementing video, subtle animation, and intuitive navigation, the website became an inspired digital experience. The Winslow presentation gallery also utilized the website as an onsite digital experience for visitors to engage with by placing it on large touch screens.
Our targeted digital campaign spread over various platforms including social media, digital advertising, a website, and a lifestyle video. This campaign was designed to stimulate the target audiences to register through rich and engaging photography, visual renderings, and video. Vanderbrand also employed Instagram, Facebook, and the website for a curated and multi-faceted social and digital campaign that evolved over time as a layered reveal of the project.
To increase the depth of The Winslow's digital campaign, Vanderbrand produced a lifestyle video to create an emotional connection with the target audiences. Using the established brand messaging as the overarching theme, 'Naturally, Lawrence Park,' a cinematic experience was crafted with a focus on three key features: the established neighbourhood, the unparaleled ravine views, and the spacious suite layouts.
Situated at the corner of Yonge Street and Strathgowan Avenue, the presentation gallery was the perfect opportunity to create brand recognition and to integrate the residence within the neighbourhood. The creative direction of the gallery’s facade was influenced by luxury retail boutiques across the entrance’s overhead canopy, large gold dimensional letters for the logo, and a large hoarding on the building’s side. ​​​​​​​
Moving indoors, a brass door handle and brass floor inlay were installed in the presentation gallery entryway to create an elegant transition into the model suites. Upon entry, guests are greeted by entrance signage entwined with a bespoke sculptural art installation by Creators of Objects.
The key messaging, 'Naturally, Lawrence Park' communicated not only the established character of the neighbourhood, but also the effortless sophistication of the residences. At every touchpoint, the brand for The Winslow was imbued with the project’s clear aspirational appeal and timeless sense of elegance.
The Winslow