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    Montagne Russe Baking Store

Breathe Barbecue Line

Montagne Russe baking products give you an explosion of flavor with every bite. With their innovative new products, they not only give you a proffesional look, but they are 

-Conceptually, each piece is packaged with the contour of a wine bottle to give it a nice tasteful undertone. On top of every product is the year of wine used in the product line. Black and deep maroon is used throughout the line to give it more of red wine feel that is used with many red meat meals. The barbecue sauces have a cork in them as well as a wineskin to complete the look.

Included: Black Pepper Barbecue Sauce, Mesquite Marinade, Lemon Pepper Spice, Hickory Spice, Two Basting Brushes, Long Stick Matches, Three Recipe Cards, Corkscrew