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Wildlife of Madagascar.
Wildlife of Madagascar

A series of photos I shot on an assignment for Olympus in December 2018 to test their new camera.

Location: Madagascar.

The also so called eighth continent is a paradise for rare and beautiful wildlife species you will find no where else on earth. I enjoyed travelling a lot in this country, found very kind people, amazing animals, gained interesting knowledge and also new ideas for future trips to this amazing island. 

"Like the chameleon, one eye on the future, one eye on the past."
Madagascar proverb. 

A Parsons Chameleon after the rain. It is the biggest Chameleon on the planet.
I found very interesting and also challenging light condition between the thick forest. 
A Sky-Blue Reed Frog. 
Drip drop.
A little chameleon not bigger than 5cm. 
A black Lemur.
Light & shadow on the big leaves of the jungle.
Surreal eyes.
A wonderful brown lemur. I think they have the most beautiful fur colour of all. 
Wildlife of Madagascar.


Wildlife of Madagascar.

A series of photos for an assignment of Olympus.