Gamuda Cove – Township Brochure
Using kraft material for the cover, we employed a bold yet simple approach – using only single-colour printing and debossing to create a brochure that hints at environmental conservation while being aesthetically distinctive.

Based on the feedback and comments received, quite a few developers have benchmarked their collaterals against this design.
The Gamuda Cove identity was designed to fit the context of natural landscapes and a futuristic city.
The "blurb", symbolising water, pebbles, lakes and islands was designed as part of the visual identity for Gamuda Cove.
The DIY paper phone dock was popular with customers, especially the kids! 
This DIY paper dock included at the back of the brochure was designed to be sturdy enough to hold most mobile devices,
including the larger phone models in the market, and even the iPad mini! 
Gamuda Cove – Township Brochure