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Rooster Beers
Formerly "Phat Rooster Ales," Rooster Beers came to our office with a refreshing take on their beer. They sought to make approachable, craft style beers, for all. With this vision, our studio found an opportunity to strip away niche conventions about craft-beer and got to work, inventing a straight-forward, classic beer brand. 

The canning of Rooster's classic range of beers meant a major step forward 
in bringing craft beer to the mass market.

Our down to earth copywriting was delivered via a low-budget marketing campaign consisting of stickers, coasters, and brightly colored merchandise.

Simply getting the beer around town was a form of advertising. We conceptualized, designed, and produced the "Rooster Delivery Team," with bold jumpsuits and matching bikes.

Creative Director.: Joshua Breidenbach, Project Manager: Lan Pham, Design: Mark Bain, Illustration: Ruby Châu, 
Merchandise Production: Anna Dinh, Product images: Wing Chan, Street Images: Lý Xuân Lợi, 
Beer on shelf image: Đinh Phương Tùng, Uniform close-up: Dương Gia Hiếu

Rooster Beers