We were tasked with generating initial logos for a new start-up; Envirofusion.

Envirofusion plan to manufacture a new kind of waste-reduction machinery that take post-consumer waste, apply a heat-based process to it and then reduce the original mass hugely. Generally the final output is in the form of small pellets than can be disposed of safely in landfill, reducing environmental impact.

Heat generated during the reduction process is stored as energy for use in the home and, in most cases, excess can be sold back to the grid.

Concepts here draw on a typically environmentally friendly palette to aid instant recognition. We've looked at conveying the 'fusion' part of the name (which was already a given) as well as subtle nods to 'reduction'. There are a couple of wild card logos thrown in for good measure; including one that can be viewed as either a flower or a heat source from a furnace; just don't say 'explosion'!