Signage and Wayfinding for Innovation Center

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  • The Science and Technology Park of University of Porto is a space for mutual leverage of skills between academia and businesses. Capable of creating an environment conductive to innovation and to the installation of technology-based and or creative businesses it is an outstanding example of how to bring academic knowledge and business closer together, through its strategy of sharing research findings and fostering local entrepreneurship. The project is spreading modern and structural change across the north of Portugal, demonstrating how active universities in previously poorer regions of Europe can lead the move to smart growth.
    With the opening of the Innovation Center in Porto the building itself had to become the communication catalyst of UPTEC’s values. We created a signage system and tailored a communication strategy which expands beyond the walls to turn the Innovation Center into a landmark and communicate through the signage the aspects of research, experimentation and science. The initial hospital like corridors have become full of color and life through the invasive graphics across the space and the creation of illusion.