Inspiration for the shaping of the pen served by the touch itself. Because in our lives we 
do notnotice the door handles and if we ask for it describe the door handle the last one opened, 
we will not remember its appearance! Thus, an ordinary r-shaped shape with a rounded one was chosen
angle, profile is the basis of the round! To show the connection between the pen and the palm, 
the handle is revealed by the eyelets in the average tangent
   The handle material is stainless steel, the surface can be matte and glossy. Fixing one-sided
with 4 thread screws 4x60 mm. Can be used on a turn-key basis with a beard.
   Thus, the handle is executed in a modern style and will fit into any design of modern interiors and 
will serve for a long time and reliably, thanks to the quality and reliability of the materials used.

Door handle