Cooper and Cooper
branding & packaging

Brand Concept
A new coffee shop is being opened in Bucharest, Romania, with a completely different aesthetic approach. The Twin Peaks-inspired brand of the coffee shop is reviving the surreal story and atmosphere with a retro-modern design. In other words, a doppelgänger reality of the Twin Peaks universe is created.


Brand Naming

Following the brand concept of a doppelgänger existence, the coffee shop name Cooper and Cooper reaffirms the possibility of twin strangers, while Special Agent Dale Cooper – the coffee philosopher of the TV series – holds the mystery of the entire Twin Peaks realm.

Brand Rhetoric
Created around Dale Cooper’s mystical insights and aphorisms on coffee, the brand tagline Damn fine coffee is a straightforward way of defining the products and services offered by Cooper and Cooper.
There are two types of brand messages that convey the brand concept: messages reinterpreted after the TV series’ quotes, adapted to the coffee semantic domain, and messages as coffee-related quotes from the TV script of Twin Peaks.
An example regarding the first type of messages is Coffee walk with me for the coffee on-the-go service, message created after the TV series well-known phrase Fire walk with me.
Some examples where the quote becomes the message are: Good, hot, black or 
A place both wonderful and strange or Black as midnight on a moonless night for the coffee shop posters and Big JoeMedium JoeSmall Joe for coffee sizes illustrated on the menu.


Coffee Cups

Coffee Packaging

Coffee Shop Menu

Interior Design

Brand Materials
Damn fine team
Brand Design: Paul Vîrlan
Brand Concept & Naming: Ștefana Gabor-Stoica
Interior Design: Adrian Ciorgovean
Cooper and Cooper - Coffee Shop Branding & Packaging

Cooper and Cooper - Coffee Shop Branding & Packaging

Twin Peaks-inspired Coffee Shop Branding, Packaging and Interior Design