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    Tales of Pirates - app for kids
Pirates – bold adventurers who love to make discoveries, find out something new and always strive to win. Only the most curious children can become real Captains of the Milk Sea and overcome all the obstacles on their way.
Within the app you will find:
  •  3 LARGE ISLANDS full of mysteries;
  •  ON-LAND and AT-SEA logic games;
  •  87 LEVELS of different complexity;
The app has been created with participation of specialists in early education. You will find bright and extraordinary characters, excellent sounds and unique environment of incredibly fascinating sea adventure.
The game is already available on the Appstore. FREE version is also available.
Main map
Cheesecake Island
Mini game at the Central Graveyard
Southern Cross Island
Mini game Attack of moskitos
Scanned sketch
Scanned sketch (the second island Mermaid Tears)
Scanned sketch
Scanned sketch Veronica's hair Island.
Scanned sketch Pirates Island.
Testing by four kids
Testing by four kids
Official development company's mascot with diploma for testing
Main battleship :)
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