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Mokykla: Vilniaus licėjus
Pagrindinė autorė: Gabrielė Levickytė
Kiti autoriai: Austė Kaušytė, Barbora Kilikevičiūtė, Gustė Šliožaitė
Konsultavę mokytojai: IT mokyt. metodininkė Irina Čibiraitėir, vyr. mokyt. Darius Šimkus,
Darbo vadovai: prof. dr Remigijus Venckus, doc. dr. Eglė Jaškūnienė, lekt. Jovilė Barevičiūtė, lekt. Remigijus Ruokis
Logo idea: 
1-st image (from the left and following):
My group logo for the audiovisual studies. "Wareware" means "we" in Japanese.
Got this by combining  our (my group's) names' first letters "G", "A", "G", "B" . Our group members are:
Gabrielė Levickytė, Austė Kaušytė, Gustė Šliožaitė & Barbora Kilikevičiūtė.
We (my group) opted for sand-like colours for warmth and seriousness.
Group logo variation. Personal logo for an imaginary company ELG. 
Books with Passion.
I've chosen a book as a base of my logo. Books have surrounded me from my infancy and fills my life with colours and new thoughts. Fire simbolises creativity, determination.  Mark Twain: "Words are only painted fire; a look is the fire itself."
Intro to Photo Cycles:
These different cycles define me as a creator and how I see myself in my surroundings. 
The first one - the "Late Summer" cycle was taken... you guessed it - late 2018's summer (June- August). Per lecturer's request, I took photos that seemed significant to me at the time. Redish and blueish colours dominate - two opposing forces - passion, vibrance and concentration, seriousness.
The second - the "Passerby" cycle was taken later, mid autumn. Green, redish colours seem to dominate.
1-st image:
Late summer reflections of your sky.
This is one of my favourite photos I've ever taken. It may confuse you, but it's only a glassed side of a building, not the roadway to paradise.
2-nd image:
Late summer fatty.
During the summer, I've seen more interesting objects than a picture of a pigeon. 
But that's the fact. We seem to search for something new and forget what's around us.
Late summer's early morning.​​​​​​​ This is a photo I'm extremely proud of. Took the shot accidentally, never imagined to catch two magnificents.
Late summer red. A nine-photo-red-themed-pack. The apples, as the center and the sky, time, travel and nature besides it. Our task was to make a cycle of nine photos which have a general theme. Redish temporary objects (occurances) for me. I value beauty, food, order, travelling.
"Passerby" conception: While walking down the street, we cross gazes with a lot of people, though we forget them instantly. Unfortunately, we also forget that these passerby are also human and have their own lives, different stories. We spent the afternoon walking through Vilnius's old town and with permission we took photos of passerby. Our aim was to show how people differ from the outside and from the inside. Mission complete.​​​​​​​
1-st image:
Poster about the need of original film making. I went for blueish colours for a professional and persuasive message.
2-nd image:
This logo poster is a variation of the original logo. It is surrounded by different, yet monochromatic colours.
3-rd image:
A "Well-Spent-Morning-In-A-Lovely-Cafe Is Half Done"  poster. I took the background photo a little cafe/bakery in Vilnius's old town. There are many different ways how people choose to start their day. Morning in a cafe is one of them.
4-th image:
A composition of the group logo and a photo. Could be for a company's front page.
VIDEO group's introduction movie
Film idea: For this movie we owe big thanks to Austė Kaušytė for editing, filming and lots of neck-breaking hours spent on this project. In this introduction the WARE WARE group's members (Austė Kaušytė, Barbora Kilikevičiūtė, Gustė Šliožaitė, Gabrielė Levickytė) introduced themselves and talked about what makes them unique. First of all we started with writing and recording our speeches. Then, with Austė's help we filmed ourselves in locations we felt comfortable in: Vilnius's old town, etc. With our lecturer's Remigijus Ruokis's help, we were able to finish this movie. We hope to keep creating, filming and improving our skills further.
Projektas atskiroje Behanc paskyroje:
Visi moksleivių projektai yra finansuoti iš 2014–2020 metų ES fondų investicijų veiksmų programos lėšų, skirtų priemonei „Neformaliojo vaikų švietimo įvairovės ir prieinamumo didinimas“, ir yra atlikti vykdant Lietuvos mokinių neformaliojo švietimo centro projektą „Neformaliojo vaikų švietimo paslaugų plėtra“ Nr. 09.2.2- ESFA-V-729-01-001