My Death, Your Death
My Death, Your Death  | 2019 | 20 x 12 inches | Acrylic & Resin on Canvas

Before the Meditation, | Magdalena Munro | 08 Feb. 2019

The cage is rattling and
distilling my split ends —

U-turns of a lolling thought

Men inured to a chainmail

suit taste the fear of blunt swords
overtaking goading spears.

On life support in a dank ward

Besotted soldiers trace
the swerving swivels of a
thumbprint dipped in ink
and press down on a scrap
pile of paper.

Prints birth black wings
of blotted butterflies and a
a tophat hides a rainbow
of white rabbits.

Red lights on the cop car
warn you that a doe-eyed
gaze is abrogated by the
stench of patience.

Canopied lines of knuckles
swivel like a ropy bridge
between leather gauntlets.

When did the allure of a
cursive upper L finds its
way into a crammed box
of hand written letters?

Loose hips and the upswing
of four flip-flops as friendship
topples in the rearview mirror.

Do not meddle with these words.

Dismiss the missive and forget
this poem as you make room for
nothing at all. 
My Death, Your Death

My Death, Your Death


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