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    To highlight the innovative Tru-fill technology by Heineken, we designed a stand that brought the technology to life.
Turning The Beer Drinking World On Its Head
In support of their brand positioning “Open Your World”, Heineken discovered an innovative technology that allowed them to pour pints of beer from the bottom up. So we introduced Tru-fill, an innovative way of pouring your beer from the bottom up.
We wanted to create an equally exciting bar feature that could capture this idea and the attention of beer drinkers. With the beer filling the glass from ‘upside down’, we built a bar that did the same. This eye-catching creation also showed a brand new perspective of serving beer, and quickly became the most talked about bar in the UAE.
The bottoms up bar has traveled to key events all over the Emirates and continues to do so, turning heads and educating Heineken drinkers about Tru-fill wherever it goes.
The innovative design of the "Upside Down Bar" received a finalist at the Dubai Lynx 2013 for Best Environmental Design.
Tru-fill Technology allows the bar staff to pour drinks from the bottom up, making services quicker and their pour more efficient.
The Heineken "Upside Down Bar"
Presentation board for the Heineken "Upside Down Bar" received a finalist at the Dubai Lynx 2013 for Best Environmental Design.
Bar stools and mirror walls were bolted on the roof of the stand to highlight the "Upside Down Bar".
The bar was a major hit with Heineken drinkers.
Thousands of people were exposed to the "Upside Down Bar" during the World Cup screenings in the Atlantis Tent.
The Heineken "Upside Down Bar" was the talk of the town and traveled across all sorts of events like the World Cup screenings at the Atlantis Hotel as well as concert grounds in the UAE.