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Project for an author and editor client

Website for an international translator, writer and author.
Project objective
Gain attention and working offer from potential clients - companies, private people and agencies for language related projects such as translations, authoring, ghostwriting, editing of text and private language lessons. The brand needs to be accessible by different countries and cultures and should be recognized by them as an open, friendly, professional and high-quality service provider. 
The countries are German-, Portuguese and Spanish speaking clients. The design of the website should work for all clients coming from that culture background.  
What did I do?
After discussing the objective and personas of the client, I started developing the brand identity by thinking about the color scheme, the typefaces and logo using sketch. 

At the same time I used wire-framing to get an idea about potential website structure and content. I started with the front page.

The design of the website is done in a way that it reflects the brand identity in all target language cultures. Differences in culture are targeted by changes in the language and mode of the text. For instance, the text of the German version is much more formal than on the Spanish or Portuguese version. 

After finishing the design of the website, I coded it from scratch with HTML, CSS and a little bit of Javascript as mobile first approach. The site is responsive and media queries are used to have a nice visual for mobile phones (mobile first approach), tablets and Desktops. 
That's the German landing page
That's the "more about me" page with a resumé as timeline. (content of the page is still "dummy" text). And at the right side the services and related work process describing website.
Project for an author and editor client

Project for an author and editor client