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TATRATEA - The Heart of Kapana

"Сърцето на Капана" 
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"The heart  of Kapana"
A bespoke installation from natural moss for TATRATEA
It all started with love.
Love for what we do.

When we started this 
project we felled in love.
​​​​​​​Love cannot be explained.

"It's hard to tell. It's a heart thing"

TATRATEA's advert
"The nature is our supplier"
Scandinavian moss in nature.
photo by: NPS Photo Tim Rains
Colored moss is manufactured in Finland from reindeer moss. 
It is colored and preserved by hand.
Model of the heart ready for CNC cutting. 
It will be made from plywood colored in white.
Primary concept
Client's sketch
Our proposal
The project
Project sketch
The two main objectives for the installation were:
1. To be mobile and easy to move from one event to the other.
2. To be big enough so a standing person/people to stand in front for a photo.
The execution
Work in progress
Detail of the moss.
In Plovdiv at Kapana Fest.
The response in the social media.
TATRATEA - The Heart of Kapana

TATRATEA - The Heart of Kapana