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    Packaging design for the personal wireless lighting system Hue
HUE is a personal wireless lighting system from Philips that allows you to create and control your home lighting from your personal smart device. HUE enables you to change colors and set shades of white in a playful and interactive way. You can use it however you want: create light settings based on your favorite photos, choose from expert light recipes or set timers. We designed the interactive packaging that invites you to play with and experience the system in store.
The design of the HUE packaging strongly conveys the story of playful interactivity by making use of a color wheel: an intuitive way to explain the system without words. People can change the color of the die cut lamp by turning the wheel. This invites them to interact with the packaging in stores, to understand and experience the concept.
The color wheel is not only there for fun, it also adds value on an informative level. After opening the box, the back side of the color wheel becomes a step by step installation guide. Easy to understand because the components are displayed right next to it. The lay out of the components refers to the wireless connection between the lamps and the control unit.
Product shot by Philips
Product shot by Philips
Prototypes of different concepts we made in the first phases of the project
Shortly after the introduction of the system dozens of unboxing videos were popping up on Youtube. In almost all these videos the color wheel is used to explain what you can do with Hue. A great example of the important role packaging can play in the marketing mix.
Graphic design by Iris Worldwide