Charles Simon Luxury Travel Pieces

Can a suitcase have a sense of place? Could it have a soul? Can a carry-on carry history in its linings? When it travels to the furthest reaches of the globe, does it transport some vision of where it’s going?

These are the questions that inspired aeronautic engineers Charles and Simon in their quest to design a new kind of luxury travel piece. One that allies history and tradition with the gleaming precision of modern engineering. One that transcends the limits of era and convention. 

To introduce the Charles Simon brand to luxury retailers, these visionary newcomers needed a striking design campaign that spoke to the history, craftsmanship, and philosophy behind each travel piece.

The History 
Their story begins back when Canada was a still-young nation of expansive forests and enterprising peoples. When rough waters and rougher winters made hardy creatures of both. And intrepid log drivers travelled timber down unforgiving rivers and waterways to sawmills, pioneering a fledgling nation’s nascent industry.

It was gruelling, dangerous work, not for the weak or the faint of heart. Not all completed the journey. That spirit of trailblazing, however, lives on in the engineers who continue to push the boundaries of aeronautic travel every day. Which is why our innovators returned to these now-quiet waters to rescue these long-slumbering sunken giants.

The Craftsmanship 
This ancient timber, still imprinted with the memories of beating feet and rushing waters, has been reincarnated in the pure, modern lines of Charles Simon luxury travel pieces. A line of weathered Canadian souls, imbued with the spirit of exploration and derring-do, recrafted and renewed with discreet, aeronautically inspired parts and design. Inhabiting the frontier between past and future, tradition and innovation. Primed once again for daring and adventure.
The Philosophy 
A unique soul deserves an exterior that’s equally singular. It’s why no two Charles Simon luxury travel pieces are ever alike. Each piece is in fact created in collaboration with its intended owner, someone equally pioneering in taste and vision who selects everything from the handcrafted leather exterior to the luxurious inner lining. The finished pieces are then stamped with a unique serial number and the owner’s name, making it as exclusive as a fingerprint.​​​​​​​
The Design 
To intrigue retailers, we designed a brochure that embodied the essence of Charles Simon luggage. Each brochure was housed in a lightweight box that showcased the materials and sleek minimalist lines of each piece.

The Box 
The box featured a sample of the timber used in Charles Simon luggage. Readers were invited to run their fingers along it to feel the essence of each travel piece. And to leave their fingerprint on a unique piece of Canadian history. 

The Brochure
Evocative photography and text plunged readers into the history of Charles Simon, inviting them to explore the line of distinctly Canadian travel pieces. Born of this land, bred of its innovation, ready to blaze a new trail across this world.
Design—In collaboration with Véronique Lemieux
Copywriter—Ayesha Lobo
Photography—Christophe Collette (L’Éloi)
Charles Simon