Memory Map Set Up
March 2013
Buttermilk Falls

Oil on Board with Acrylic on Duralar
9 x 29 x 1"
Beaver Lake Set Up
Oil on Oak Tree, Acrylic on Duralar, Bullets, Thread
24 x 14 x 1" est.
Burning of the N
Oil on Board
4 x 4 x 1"
Archery Range Set Up (Archery Range & Burning of the N)
Oil On Board, Wooden Arrows
7 x 7 x 11"
Displaced Home
Thread on Linen with Embroidery Hoop
2 x 2"
Fell's Point Set Up
Oil on Board, Paper, Fish Hooks & Lures, Sticker, Beer Can, Nails
14 x 12 x 1"
Todd's Trail

Oil on Clay Board, Candels with Embroidary Floss
5 x 7"
Long Distance (Part 1) Set Up
Razr Phone, Cherry Shadowbox, Transparency Paper
9 x 7 x 2.5" (with 2' trail)
National Aquarium
Oil on Arches Paper, Bubble Fish tank, Stones, Fake Plants, Plastic Seashells, 1/32 Architectural Model Person, Miniature Bottle
Experiences that come and go in everyday places can cause moments of transitory soul-searching and unexpected spiritual grounding. Moments such as waiting for a train creates mental space to contemplate life, just as the phenomenon of readying an arrow with concentration and practiced ease before releasing that energy clears the mind to questions. These are the kind of transitory moments I seek to capture in my paintings to create a map of memories; colliding and coming together like a collage or scrapbook through installation. By paying homage to these connections, I hope to individualize, yet integrate others experiences and memories with my own.
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