Conceptualization // Project Hello (for Thumbdemon)
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    Designing Interactive/Participative Experience for Artist Promotion
I conceptualized the overall experience for my husband's (Thumbdemon) exhibition - Project Hello at Redline gallery. Project Hello is an initiative by Sandra Fettingis and Louise Martorano to unite the creative community in denver - visual artists, crafters, designers, musicians, fashion and jewelry designers, writers, culinary artists, film makers and performers. 

We decided to try out something different with a 3D structure depicting one of thumbdemon's earlier characters as a point of sale model. The structure was built with wood and gator board guided by our friend Richard Duggan and the environment was made with chipboard. I integrated some interaction to make it more interesting and participative for the audience. The character had an interactive device mounted in it with details about Thumbdemon's work, his web initiative 
inviting kids to contribute by giving them tips on drawing a monster.
Final Installation
Close Up
Concept Plan
Rendered Mockup
Interactive Interface //Screen Grab 1
Interactive Interface //Screen Grab 2
Interactive Interface //Screen Grab 3
Interactive Interface //Screen Grab 4
Interactive Interface //Screen Grab 5
Interactive Interface //Screen Grab 6
Interactive Interface //Screen Grab 6
Work in progress//1
Work in progress//2
Work in progress//3
Final Installation