Social media techniques that can boost your Business
Social media techniques that can boost your Business Growth in 2019
In the third quarter of 2018, Facebook had 2.27 billion monthly active users. Source: Statista
There are more than 4 billion internet users in this world. Source: We are social.
If we focus on this data, we can say that almost more than 50 percent of internet users are active on Facebook. But we got to consider the fact that the number of internet users is counted on the basis of user accounts. A single person can have multiple accounts. Facebook is the world’s most used social media site.
Facebook and Whatsapp are most downloaded mobile apps from social app category. More than 80 percent of Facebook users operate it through mobile devices. The active users of Instagram were 800 million in the year 2017 and have touched the number 1 billion in the year 2018. Source: Statista. Twitter has 326 million monthly active users in the current year. Source: Statista.

Since a huge percent of internet users is active on social media channels, it is clear that we all take it is as an opportunity. Facebook was previously used as a channel of making friends, chatting with them online and sharing information with each other. But now Facebook has become a tool for businesses. The Facebook business allows organizations to create their business page and get more likes or followers. Businesses can even run ads on Facebook. Instagram works the same way.

Social media is no longer bound to socializing only. Businesses are using social media sites and apps as a marketing platform. Organic marketing is possible with these sites as it does not involve any sort of cost and paid ads. You can also publish paid ads on social media channels. The way of marketing is different for all businesses. The marketing strategies are decided on the basis of business requirements.
No matter how small or large your organization is, it is important to be active and visible on social media. Facebook is also used as a search engine. People not only search accounts of friends and relatives but also search for business pages. Most of the searches on Facebook are related to certain queries. Users do search queries like “best pizza places in Chicago”. Businesses need to understand more about social media platforms and implement the latest trends in the social media world.

Let us see what social media techniques can lead you to better customer satisfaction and higher lead generation in 2019 with the help of social media channels.
Understanding the gap between privacy and personalization:
We all are aware of the fact that Mark Zuckerberg recently was questioned by Congress of America regarding the privacy of users. The congressmen and women questioned him about security measures and algorithms that can damage user’s privacy. Google is the most used search engine was also questioned similar things. It is clear that due to certain instances and past scenarios, the US government is taking steps ahead for users’ online security. Businesses should understand the difference between privacy and personalization. Businesses should be more transparent in their data collection methods and online communications. Concerns about privacy and data collection cannot be eradicated.
In the year 2018, we saw that the most talked about social media technique was personalization. Personalization and data collection goes hand in hand. Businesses should be transparent in data collection methods and allow users to decide what data to share and what data not to share. This can reduce the privacy concern.

Video content:
Videos are fun to watch. As per a survey, people who do not wish to read long text are ready to watch long videos. Videography representation of anything is more convincing and attractive. That is the reason many businesses display videos on websites’ home page. Videos can be informative or promotional. Viewers are not interested in knowing what the brand is offering. They are more interested in knowing how the brand can solve their problems. Estimations show that video content will account for 85% of total Internet traffic. Hence it is high time you involve videos in marketing strategies.

Eye catchy images are important but videos are more important. Businesses that wish to be ahead in competition with others should opt for video marketing. Videos can be about the promotion of a brand or product. These videos talk about the benefits of products and how those products are useful for common crowd. Another type of video can be a guide. Video tutorials are very famous on social media. Most of the users tend to search for videos with guidelines about product or service. Businesses can also go for testimonial videos. Such videos increase the loyalty of consumers. While creating videos, you need to keep in mind these few points:
=> Mind the length- No one likes to watch lengthy videos.
=> Do not lose the primary message- Many times businesses ignore the main message and end up in confusing viewers.
=> Clearly- if you do not have a budget of HD videos, simply drop the idea. Since all businesses and even small vendors are shooting videos with extreme clarity, it is important to avoid unclear videos that seem a blur.
=> Sound- make sure you edit the video properly and the voice or sound is audible.
=> Subtitles- This is one is very helpful. It becomes easy for users to watch and understand the video in one take with the help of subtitles.
Live is in:
The millennial generation loves going online about minute routine things. You can see people clicking selfies and putting them on timelines with some cool captions. Most of the users enjoy uploading live videos and check-ins. This also applies to businesses. Live videos and check-ins and images can create great brand value. Businesses can post live content about certain achievements like company anniversary. Or businesses can also post live content about the new product launch. In 2019, we can see a great hike in a number of live videos on Instagram. Businesses can strengthen the relationship with customers in less time.
Artificial intelligence is not going out of frame ever:
Google and Facebook have adopted artificial intelligence for various functions. Artificial Intelligence is used to optimize social media ads. You can understand the user actions on social media and can track what they are looking for. Hence you can offer exactly the same to users with your products or services. 2018 has seen tremendous growth in the usage of artificial intelligence. As per a report generated by Hootsuite, 85% of all customer service interactions will be powered by AI bots. Did you know that 60% of the millennial population uses chatbots on a regular basis? Converting leads into clients require excellent customer service. Real-time responses are what millennials are looking for. AI can be used to train chatbots.
Social media influencers:
You must be aware of this trend. In 2018, many brands took help of famous YouTubers to promote their brands. Whereas, in 2019, it is expected that more businesses will take help of social media influencers for branding. In this technique, brands collaborate with influencers and these influencers mention the brand in YouTube videos or on facebook blogs or tweet about the brand or post something unique on Instagram. There are various social media influencers. Businesses need to simply analyze the right platform to attract the maximum target audience. For instance, you have developed an on demand food app, you can ask a YouTube with millions of subscribers to promote the app through videos. The charges of promotion vary on the basis of social media platforms and influencers.
​​​​​​​Hire a social media marketing company:
This technique can be a savior for numerous businesses. Do you handle social media marketing in-house? Let us tell you the cons of in-house social media marketing. Hiring social media executives requires a lot of time. It is a hectic task to find the best in industry resources. Offering them tools to enhance social media marketing is again a time consuming and expensive task. Organizations often have to train resources for tools and technologies such as AI bots. Every social media marketing campaign requires excellent content. Be it text, images or videos, content is vital. Outsourcing social media marketing to experts can be cost efficient and show quick results. These service providers have skilled resources and wide industry experience.

The year ahead is going to be full of new social media techniques. It is clear that a number of social media users is going to increase. Businesses should understand the importance of social media platforms and start looking at these platforms as marketing channels.
Social media techniques that can boost your Business

Social media techniques that can boost your Business

Learn how businesses and marketers can benefit from social media marketing in the year 2019. Read this article and thank us later.

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