July 10, 2010
The wedding of Jonathan and Amy Steinberg
I am a story teller and for my wedding I wanted to express the journey that my wife and I took to get to that beautiful day. We initially chose a color pallate to coincide with summer and our beach location. For the initial save the dates, we wanted them to be simple and to the point. Get the message out and have people remember it. The cards were letter pressed (mercurio brothers, CA) to give them a tactile feel and nice depth for the simple type.

For the invitations, we took that step a little further and created a fun flip book for our guests. Too often, cards are just a single fold and easily forgotten. Since it was a day that we won't  forget, we didn't want our guests to forget either. I was hoping to letter press these as well, but the sheer size was difficult at 35 x 7" with 7 scores to create a 5x7" card. The were printed on a four color press and then later scored and folded. The result: a dramatic and fun story to tell of a journey that has only just begun.