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The Handyman Can
Brand Development, Web Design, Signage, Apparel
The Handyman Can is a neighborhood craftsman based out of Natick, MA. Prior to this rebrand, the company lacked brand visibility and the benefits of a complete design system. The only sources of advertising were through local newspaper advertising and word-of-mouth; no website or social networks (e.g. Angies List, Yelp, YellowPages, etc.).
The main drivers for the rebrand: (1) develop a clean and professional design system that aligns with the care and respect the owner expresses through his craftsmanship. This would also articulate a sense of legitimacy and make clients feel more comfortable in hiring the company; (2) expand the brand system: apparel, vehicle signage, website, social networks (Angies List, Yelp, YellowPages).
While designing this system, I aimed to target to the current client base (usually 50+ years old), but also to attain new (younger, and tech-savvy) clientele. These ideas directed my design decisions for typography and color. I wanted the logo and design style to have a humanistic character, and to look "crafted", thought out, and fresh; to express the familiarity of a 1960s industrial/vintage feel, with certain modern elements, like the website.
We chose to retain the newspaper advertisement, as it targeted specific clientele. Upon realigning the ad with the new design system, I also simplified the design and information, as well as reversing the colors so that the majority of the ad was black. This aspect helped to unify the design within the dark shape, standing out very easily from surrounding competitor's ads.
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