Process step 1) Large scale detailed drawing that is equal to the size of the final painting. 
Process Step 2) A light wash of raw seinna is put onto the canvas to illiminate the glare of pure white. Then, the drawing is transfered to the canvas and redrawn using more raw siennna. Once the outlines are dry, the backgroud is started. 
Process Step 3) Once the background is layed in, the long process of detail is done with smaller brushes. 
Process Step 4) The process is mostly working background to foreground, and the largest brushes to smallest brushes. A very limited palette was to simplify options and force myself to mix the colors that I needed. Colors: Venitian Red, Cadmium blue, Yellow ochre, Titanium white, and Ivory Black. Raw sienna was also use for the initial underpainting and wash. 
The Time Job, 16" x 20" Acrylic on canvas. An experiment in limited palette.