project area: 210 m2
year: 2018
location: Uzhgorod, Ukraine
in cooperation with ZYX studio

Simple at first glance, but as it says: `don’t judge a book by its cover`.
The tusk was to organize an autonomous photo studio on the ground floor, and housing part for the young couple on the upper floors. The key words of this house were coziness and natural materials.
The relief of the site added some curiosity and complexity to this project. There were about 15 variants of bulk-spatial solutions during the designing process and finally we found the golden mean.
As a result, we got the volume partly embraced into the relief, where placed a spacious photo studio and a supercool house. The façade is covered with burned wood which resembles the basement for the classic houses of our region. The living room overlooks the main facade, and the extension, in the depth of the area contains bedroom and a bathroom. The attic (space under the roof) is used as a kids’ room that opens to the mezzanine and the ‘second light’ of the living room. Studio on the ground floor can be changed into the autonomous housing unit for the next generation.
We succeeded to design such a simple, but at the same time, complicated project - with thought of ​​the descendants, modern decisions and respect for the traditions of the ancestors.