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    The ongoing portfolio of Editorial Illustrations for SportsNet Magazine.
I am a regular contributor to Canada's SportsNet Magazine, and over the past 2 years have had the chance to really have fun with the content! Normally 3-panel, but sometimes the challenge is to fit it all into 1-panel, or stretch it to a 4-panel. These all are printed with explanations, but for this page of examples I'll let you guess!
Atlanta Road Trip - Bonelick BBQ's "Big Ass Muff Challenge"
Diamond Dallas Page - DDPYoga
Florida Road Trip - Grouper Fishing
NBA Mock Logos - What is all teams were named after State birds?
Philly Road Trip - Be ROCKY for a Day!
How To - Stevan Ridley Touchdown Dance
Toronto Road Trip - Visit the Hockey Hall of Fame
Oklahoma Road Trip - Take in an OU football game
Ohio Road Trip
Australia "Do-Do-Don't" 
Donnie Moore - Sports Modivational Speaker
Colorado Road Trip - Dog Sledding
New York Road Trip - Hang with Bald Vinny
How To - Ally Oop 540
Christine Sinclair's 3-goal game against Mexico
How To - Berkoff Blastoff
How To - Fosbury Flop
How To - Run a Marathon
How To - NBA Lakers Practice Shoot Around
How To - Ski Jump
How To - Throw a Split Ball
How To - Backhand Return in Tennis
"Total Futbal" - Anatomy of a play
How To - Speedskate with Clappers
How To - Steve Johnson Touchdown Dance